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Get ahead of Ad Quality issues

Ad Lightning's complete set of Ad Quality tools save time, improve page performance and eliminate costly user experience problems.

Real-time Ad Quality Scoring

Ad Lightning watches your site around-the-clock, assessing the overall quality of in-flight campaigns and automatically alerting you and your demand partners of critical ad issues.

  • Complete Coverage
    Our unique approach takes into account device, browser, geographic and cookie data to most accurately represent the advertisements your users are experiencing. Easily preview all of the ads in our searchable database.
  • Metrics that Matter
    Whether it's IAB compliance or customized site specs, Ad Lightning's flexible scoring methodology reports on key performance attributes like speed, size, format, waterfall and volume of network requests.
  • Malware Protection
    Disruptive and malicious ads frustrate users and put websites and users at risk. Ad Lightning sends instant notifications if mobile redirects, malware or other disruptions, like autoplay video, are detected on your site.
  • Data Security
    Safeguard your proprietary site data by ensuring all of your ads are SSL compliant and only approved third parties are executing JavaScript on your pages.

A Complete Solution

Our technology goes beyond ad level reporting, helping Publishers and Ad Platforms focus on improving the overall customer ad experience.

  • Pre-flight Campaign Checks
    Pre-flight scans help AdOps teams more easily QA campaign creatives prior to launch, ensuring they meet guidelines for compliance, content and security before going live.
  • Page Load Monitoring
    There are a lot of factors that impact page load. Ad Lightning's detailed reports make it simple to isolate the effect advertisements have on a website.
  • Partner Optimization Reporting
    Ongoing trend analysis provides unique insight into overall traffic quality by demand source, allowing Publishers and their demand partners to work together to optimize inventory.
  • Flexible Integration
    Getting started with Ad Lightning requires no integration. Flexible options exist to tie integrate data from your ad server or to push data to third party tools already in your tech stack.
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