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Eliminating bad ads and maximizing revenue for publishers and ad platforms.

Protect your customers and your brand.

Programmatic advertising has increased efficiency for Publishers, but has introduced low quality, disruptive and malicious ads onto their sites. Without oversight, ads decrease user engagement, slow page load times and cost Publishers millions of dollars in revenue. Ad Lightning was custom-built to give Publishers and Ad Platforms the tools they need to find bad ads, along with the data and processes needed to remove them.

What We Do

Protect your Brand

24/7 monitoring technology instantly notifies you of ads with suspicious or malicious activity to ensure that you aren't putting your customers, or your proprietary site data, at risk.

Enforce Compliance

Ad Lightning gives you instant visibility over the ads running on your site. Real-time data identifies and helps remove ads that are disruptive, slow to load or otherwise violate your site's ad policy.

Maximize ROI

A poor user experience decreases customer engagement and drives ad block installs. Ad Lightning’s proprietary methodology protects your site from unwanted creative, while maximizing page views and increasing ad revenue. How much are you leaving on the table?

Improve Efficiency

Eliminate the headache of tracking down harmful creative and reporting it to your demand partners. Ad Lightning's solution requires no code integration and fits into your team's existing workflow..

How it Works

Purpose built to eliminate bad ads

Ad Lightning requires no integration with your site and easily fits into existing AdOps workflows. Our cutting edge platform was built on a modern API structure making it easy to connect to your existing tech stack.

In-flight Ad Monitoring

Ad Lightning's proprietary technology watches your site, profiling ads for speed, creative attributes, suspicious activity, demand source and overall impact on user experience.

Real-time Issue Identification

Our customizable scoring methodology assesses the overall quality of the ads on your site and instantly alerts you of performance, compliance or malicious issues caused by your advertisements.

Turnkey Resolution

Detailed, ad level data indicates what ads should be removed and automatically communicates actionable information to your network partners. Our APIs also allow for easy plug-and-play into third party systems.

Our Solutions


Slow page loads frustrate users and jeopardize revenue. Ad Lightning was custom-built to give Publishers the real-time data needed to optimize demand partners, decrease load times and maximize ROI.

Ad Platforms

Don't let bad ads put Publisher relationships at risk. Ad Lightning's solution prequalifies creative to ensure it adheres to quality and safety standards before being trafficked to a Publisher's site.

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