Your secret shopper for privacy violations

Your customers trust you with their personal information. Are your partners as careful with that data as you are? If not, that can leave you open to regulatory penalties, user complaints, and damage to your brand’s reputation.

Boltive enables you to monitor data leakage in the same intuitive ways you monitor brand safety and fraud. Out of complexity comes simplicity.

Your data is clean, now what?

You have invested time and money in making sure your customer data management practices are clean, controlled, and compliant with new regulations.

But what happens when you take that customer data and put it back to work driving your business goals? How can you be sure your partners are following all the new data privacy rules?

Here’s how we can help.

We audit for three types of risks:

  1. Prohibited retargeting
  2. Unauthorized data collectors
  3. Failed consent strings

Custom personas then surf the web and capture the ads served, to alert you to downstream issues

Our patented synthetic audience technology verifies your CMP’s process for accepting opt-out requests and passing consent strings to your partners

CCPA/CPRA gives consumers new rights:

    Right to know what information a business has collected about you
  • Right to say no to sale of your information
  • Right to delete your information

CCPA/CPRA gives consumers new rights:

  • Right to know what information a business has collected about you
  • Right to say no to sale of your information
  • Right to delete your information

Today, making sure consumers don’t see your ads is just as important as making sure they do.

Boltive uses patented technology to simulate your consumers’ journey on the web, enabling you to verify that your CMP is working correctly and that your partners aren’t sharing your data with other companies downstream.

Our synthetic user personas browse the open web just like your consumers do. You can customize your profiles with a wide range of personal information and actions to match your customer set or retargeting strategy.

After setting the opt out in your CMP, your personas surf the web and capture the ads they see, sending thousands of points of data back to your dashboard to alert you to potential issues.

We identify and flag improperly retargeted ads, unauthorized data collection, and mistakes in transmitting consent signals between systems. Now you have the ability to audit your partners for consumer opt-out compliance, no matter how far downstream your data goes.

See the Whole Picture

Boltive captures and aggregates real ads being served to your personas in real time, delivering to you the key insights you need to keep your consumer data -- and your brand reputation -- safe.

  • Spot problems with consent signal handoffs throughout the ad ecosystem
  • Identify compliance violations across a range of regulations and frameworks
  • Visualize the flow of consumer data on an ad by ad basis, revealing data leakage in real time

Dynamic Scoring

We rate ads, partners, data collectors, and user personas on the Boltive Risk Index, or BRI™, a data privacy scoring framework that helps you understand at a glance whether your partners’ data practices are violating your consumers’ rights and putting you at risk of a regulatory action.

Get Insights on Audience Solutions and Assess Your Competitors

Test emerging audience solutions like Unified ID 2.0 and Google’s Privacy Sandbox, and compare them head to head to gain insights into reach, frequency, and spend pacing. Then, utilize our brand identification technology to collect intel on your competitors’ marketing performance. Are they reaching more of your audience than you are?

Simple. Weightless. Quick​.

Boltive’s patented technology is a codeless solution which means no system integration is required. It’s easy to add us to your current set of tools without adding weight to your site or ads. Just set up your personas and run.

Join our Early Adopter Program

Free during 2-month pilot

Discover where consumer data may be leaking and violating privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, and more​! Gain advance access to pre-release features like ad effectiveness metrics. Join our pilot for free, then save on annual contract​.

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