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Ad Quality Report

New Report Finds Nearly One-Third of Display Ads Violate Established Ad Industry Guidelines, Negatively Affect Performance Of Ad-Supported Websites

The Ad Quality Report for Publishers presents the findings of the first and only study to survey live data and examine how some active ad units could be adversely affecting publisher brands, audiences and revenues in the $22 billion programmatic digital ad market. The quarterly report conducted by Ad Lightning provides a detailed industry update on advertising quality and will track performance on an ongoing basis.

The study also revealed the occurrence rates and magnitude of five significant quality issues:

  • Oversized Ads: exceed industry standard file size limits and take too long to load
  • Over-Requested Ads: Ad requests made to networks too many times
  • Processor-Intensive Ads: Ads that use too much CPU processing time and power
  • SSL Non-Compliance: Ads that are not HTTPS encrypted
  • Intrusive Ad Formats: Ads delivered in unsupported formats

Oversized ads were the most frequent issue surfaced in the study: digital display ads that exceed Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines, with more than 41% of the ads found to exceed the IAB maximum.

The full report is AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD HERE. For the Ad Quality Study, Ad Lightning examined millions of ad occurrences across a contained representative sample of 50 popular websites during the 4th quarter of 2016 and early January 2017.

Written by Administrator on Wednesday June 21, 2017

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