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Ad Quality Trends that Impact Publishers

The programmatic ad model continues to hold out promise and create significant issues for digital publishers. From an Ad Ops standpoint, 2017 was apparently not a year of improvement. So, what is the outlook for publishers in 2018? In a recent survey conducted by Ad Lightning, over 100 Ad Ops professionals identified the ad trends and quality issues that will matter the most to the publishers this year.

The Cause, Scope and Impact of Data Leakage

By the time a single programmatic ad appears on a publisher’s website, it’s weighed down with dozens of network requests. Half of those requests have nothing to do with delivering the actual ads and about 20% of them are designed by 3rd parties to capture the publisher’s valuable audience data. Unfortunately, many of those data recipients then use that data to undercut the publisher’s rates or cut their site completely out of the value chain. This report takes a closer look at the cause and magnitude of data leakage and its impact on the business of ad-supported online publishing.

Ad Lightning's Ad Quality Report for Publishers (Q2 2017)

Numerous studies have shown that website latency causes a drop in engagement (bounce rate, page abandonment, overall page views, etc.), which diminishes publisher ad revenues and ROI. The lost page views alone can account for a significant loss in advertising revenue. This report examines the impact of bad ads on page load latency and the subsequent loss in ad revenue as a result of lost page views and Publisher ROI.

Ad Lightning's Ad Quality Report for Publishers (Q1 2017)

Programmatic display advertising has caused a surge in ad quality issues that significantly delay the presentation of ad-supported web pages. Website latency causes drop off in audience reach and engagement, which diminishes publisher revenues and ROI. This report provides a deeper look at the nature and scope of ad quality issues that contribute to that latency.

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