Assessment: Redirect campaign attempting to disable ad blocking scripts was detected and blocked.  Over 1M ads have been infected since August 16th.

Affected platforms: Smart Ad Server

Assessment: Redirect campaign hijacking a Nike creative has been detected and blocked.  To date, over 7 million impressions have been blocked on iOS and Android devices across more than 50% of Ad Lightning's partners.

Affected platforms: Google seems to be the most heavily impacted.


Example landing page:

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Assessment: Ongoing malicious activity leveraging websockets - to fingerprint a user’s browser and load additional known malicious domains - attached to legit creative scripts.

Affected platforms: Sizmek and AOL/AdTech

Update: To date, more than a dozen unique signatures have been identified that follow the previously noted pattern and ADL has blocked over 3M ads.

Assessment: A previously identified redirect campaign was reactivated this past weekend.  This campaign leverages Google CDNs to dynamically host malicious content.

Additional Details: To date, almost 1M impressions have been blocked across both iPhone and Android devices.

Assessment: We’ve started tracking a signature that looks to be attempting to do video stuffing.

Additional Details:  Currently, only a handful of publishers have been impacted, but we're continuing to monitor this campaign.

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